This is where the fun is at.

My campaign will be taking place in Imperial Cormyr, more specifically the environs surrounding and including Hullack Forest, a bleak and primeval place on the eastern edge of the country. The current date is 1483 DR, Year of the Shattered Trust.

I know, the name is rather boring – it’ll have to do until I get the story sorted out. Naturally, I want this to be full of suspense and win, so information on certain subjects may be sporadic and full of gaps – this is okay, because as you progress through the adventure and learn more about the regions history, that information will be updated in the wiki to reflect that. It’ll totally be worth it when I spring all sorts of mad plot twists and stuff on you.

......not that there’s going to be plot twists or anything. What are you talking about. Shoo.

Hullack Forest

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